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I know, you don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m not really into it either, but I do like the idea of a day where you can express some extra love and affection towards your loved ones.

My sweets and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner or movie, instead I make him a Valentine’s Day card to express my love. Every year, the card is silly and involves an inside joke, but last year I decided to make him something thoughtful.

We both adore cats and what better way to show my Valentine some love is with cats and an “i heart you” note. Jenson aka Jenny-Wenny (the orange tabby) was super easy to work with. He loved trying to eat the index card! Definitely looking forward to working with him again. Isabella aka Stuffy aka Princess Pee Pee (Turkish Van), was too much of a super model to participate in this independent project. However, she did allow me to place the card next to her and just looked pretty for the camera.

I swear, I’m not a crazy cat lady…

I bought black card stock, picture corner holders and string at my local Michael’s Crafts store. I measured and cut the card stock to mimic a small photo album. Placed the images on individual pages (about six images total) and used a hole punch to create the holes. I pulled the string through the holes and tied bows to hold the pages together. I titled it with my favorite E.E.Cummings poem “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]

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